12 trips you need to take in this lifetime.

From cobalt domes atop white-washed walls to ancient temples and sublime natural wonders: these 12 places aren’t just beautiful, they’re heart-achingly so. If opportunity allows, take the trip and see them in your lifetime.


Laguna Lachuá / Cobán, Guatemala.

If your idea of paradise includes a wood walkway that leads to a solitary beach guarded by an endless sky of heavenly blue, Laguna Lachua should make it to your ultimate travel list:

Photo credit: Andrea Tórtola.



Whether it’s Casablanca with its gorgeous beaches, Marrakesh as the ultimate sensory overload, or perhaps the ever-fascinating Fez, the magnificent Morocco is definitely deserving of a top spot on your travel list:

Photo credit: Gilad Benari.


Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

A fairy-tale of a place whose beauty calls for thousand photographs (none of which will do it justice), Lake Tekapo with its Church of the Good Shepherd and star-lit skies is just one of New Zealand’s hidden gems:

Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff.


Havana, Cuba.

A city brimming with life, crazy colourful, both in your-face transparent and enigmatically beautiful, Havana calls for one to get lost on its sunny, palm-guarded streets:

Photo credit: Jose Villa.


Machu Picchu, Peru.

Among the wonders of the world that make you feel both small and infinite at the same time, the Incan citadel of Matchu Pitchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest:

Photo credit: Kasper Kay.


Petra, Jordan.

Like postcards from another world, the rock cut structures of Petra will swap you back in time, the “Lost city’s” extraordinary beauty still guarding many secrets:

Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis.


French Riviera.

Opulent, luxurious but oh-so beautiful with its azure skies and turquoise waters, with its old buildings and charming coastal villages, the French Riviera is more than a famously glamorous destination:

Photo credit: Sunday Chapter.



Iceland, The Northern Lights.

A spectacle that you must attend at least once in this lifetime, the show put on by the Northern lights is of otherworldly proportions, Ireland being one of the top places where to allow you to hunt the elusive phenomenon:

Photo credit: Friðþjófur M.



Bali, Indonesia.

A blend of spectacular views and natural wonders, of beautifully structured temples and endless rice fields, Bali is a spectacle best viewed past the wall of tourists, for it will sweep you off your feet:

Photo credit: Aaron Geddes.


Udaipur, India.

Made of glorious history, grandiose palaces and breathtaking surroundings, India’s Udaipur is a stunning location bearing a rich cultural background and promising a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

Photo credit: Iian Sells.



Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Jungles claiming back their land, awe-inspiring structure whose grand scales and extraordinary details is bound to leave your breathless, Cambodia’s most iconic temple is 162.6 hectares worth of magnificence:

Photo credit: Imgur.


Santorini, Greece.

And of course, no travel destination bucket list could be complete without a nod to the Greek Islands, Santorini’s sublime beauty being the kind that will hit your from all sides, every angle making for a breathtaking view:

Photo credit: Lust for Life.


Vacation to St. Maarten in the West Indies. We stayed at the villa ‘Pamela Popo’ owned by photographer Olivier Leroy & his wife Sylvie, and enjoyed great hospitality from the house cat ‘Love’. Some of the locations you see in the video are the beach at Anse Marcel, Bikini Bar at Orient Beach, Le Sand at Baie Nettle, Baie Rouge, Loterie Farms, & The Butterfly Farm. great times with great people :) Nov/Dec 2015
Soundtrack is by Rufus du Sol- Like an Animal


The Goyard name in Paris first became known as a purveyor of fine trunks for the international elite. The house soon expanded their line to handbags and other travel luxury goods in the 19th century. The Goyardine canvas has reached iconic status and is recognizable but still retains its sense of aura and uniqueness, unlike another celebrated label; Louis Vuitton. LV handbags are spotted everywhere and carried by everyone from celebrities, to housewives, to teens, and by everyone else in between. A Goyard bag is recognized on the arm of a much fewer and a much more discerning clientele. Goyard is only available in the U.S. at Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman and there is also one solo flagship store in San Francisco. The best place to purchase a Goyard is in Paris where they have the best selections and the most attentive salespeople. Stepping into the boutique on the Rue St. Honore is like stepping into a 19th century haberdashery store of yesteryear. The store has a quiet elegance with its wall cabinets displaying the beautiful goods and the old fashioned glass counter tops inlaid with dark mahogany wood. A stark contrast to the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Elysee where there is always a mob of tourists waiting to get into the store and a zoo like atmosphere inside the gigantic megaplex.

Edmund Goyard created the Goyardine canvas in 1892, and was inspired by his ancestors who were log transporters in Burgundy, France and were members of the important guild “compagnons de riviere”  or companions of the river.  The fabric has a pattern of three Chevrons, juxtaposed to form the letter “Y”.  It evokes not only the name of the Maison itself, but also a tree.   The small dots that make up the log pattern on the canvas clearly harks back to his ancestors. The material, although very similar to appearance as leather, is made with the same natural coated cloth mixing hemp, linen, and cotton used for their clothing.  It was originally hand painted, however; the current process today uses a ground primer color followed by three successive layers of etching.  This then creates the raised trademark pattern that has become synonymous with Goyard. The Goyardine also increases its beauty with age. Goyard offers also a unique hot stamping technique that enables personal monograms on an array of products.

There are two Goyard boutiques on the Rue St. Honore in Paris. One offers the trunks and handbag lines and the other the Chic du Chien (canine chic). The innovation of Robert Goyard in 1890, the Chic du Chien was developed for the four legged dandy outfitted with velvet waistcoats, ruffle neck collars, and elaborate leashes! Today, the boutique offers unique pet accessories as well as the ultimate Goyard collar in all the colors to match your bag.

My first Goyard purchase is the classic St. Louis tote bag in black and brown. Although the price is somewhat steep for a tote bag, I carry my bag everywhere! It is especially great for travel, as the bag is extremely light and can be easily filled up. I don’t regret my purchase at all, especially since I was able to get the sales tax returned on my credit card. I took my french bulldog with me to Paris this summer, and of course we had to visit the Goyard store to purchase Louis Pascal a collar! He only gets to wear this beautiful collar on special occasions!   Maison Goyard  233, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris  +33 1 42 60 57 04.  352, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris  +33 1 55 04 72 60.

Screen shot 2014-09-09 at 8.57.42 PMphoto-55


We have a celebration that’s in order!  Our favorite Frenchie, Louis Pascal, was recently awarded Jet-Set Pet of the Month! :D  His mommy is our in ‘house’ food blogger Belinda M.  If you follow Louis on Instagram (@louispascal_thefrenchie) you already knows he’s one globe-trotting pooch.  However, recently they traveled from Dallas to Paris earning him the title Jet-Set Pet of the Month. Congratulations Louis & Belinda!

Here is the article as it is written:

Louis Pascal is one cultured canine. At the tender age of one and a half, this fabulous French Bulldog has already walked the opulent streets of the Garden District in New Orleans, heard the sultry sounds of jazz at Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, frolicked with the sunbathers of Baker in San Francisco, and braved the snow in Beaver Creek, Colorado. His most recent adventure? An unforgettable trip to France with his pet parent, Belinda McClendon, a trip that won this globetrotting Frenchie the title of Jet Set Pet of the Month!

Like any good jet setter, Louis Pascal loved seeing the sights of his breed’s namesake.

“We had a wonderful time in both the Loire Valley and Paris,” McClendon said. “I was thrilled most of the chateaux allowed me to take Louis inside with me! Louis seemed very happy in the countryside.”

According to McClendon, who lives in Dallas, Texas, Louis was a dream to travel with.

“Louis Pascal did very well on the plane, although I was worried about his comfort,” she said. “He just slept the whole way and held everything! On the way to Paris, I did take him to the bathroom and put a puppy pad on the floor. He just looked at me with his soulful eyes!”

Frenchies are the it breed but not everyone is able to travel with their pawpular pet in cabin because of the density of a Frenchie. While a Frenchie can often fit in a cabin-sized carrier and stand up and turn around as required, the weight of a Frenchie can tip the scales above the limit for many airlines.

“Louis weighs right at 20 pounds,” says McClendon, who used to have an English bulldog. “So he can’t gain any more weight!”

Luckily, getting through Charles de Gaulle airport [CDG] in Paris is a breeze with a four-legged friend.

“I was amazed at CDG,” McClendon said. “We walked right through!”

And like the savvy travelers that they are, McClendon and Louis zipped through customs on the way home by using the US Border Patrol’s Global Entry program, which allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States.  She declared him on her global entry ticket, which, although doing so required her to go to the second baggage check line, it was a very brief stop.

“Global Entry is great to have especially after a long flight!” McClendon said. “We are always glad we have it when we skip the huge customs line. The customs officer just looked at my paperwork from the vet. He scarcely glanced at Louis in his bag. I was thankful everything went smoothly!”

From the looks of it, Louis was, too. With such an easy landing, this pooch was able to enjoy his grand vacation with a stoic stance and tongue-out smile.

To keep up with this dapper Frenchie on all his adventures, be sure to follow him on Instagram @louispascal_thefrenchie.

*courtesy thejetsetpets.com

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Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-1 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-2 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-2a Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-2b Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-3 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-3a Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-3c Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-3d Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-4 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-4a Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-5 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-5a Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-6 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-6a Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-7 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-7a Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-8 Columbus-4OS-Hybrid-8a


Columbus 4OS Hybrid
The yachting calendar highlights of the Cannes Yachting Festival (9 – 14 September), the Monaco Yacht Show (24 – 27 September) and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (30 October – 3 November) will soon be upon us, and Burgess is gearing up to showcase an impressive line-up of superyachts across the three events with a combined value of over US$1 billion. 

Columbus 4OS Hybrid Superyacht
The innovative Columbus 4OS Hybrid features an advanced hybrid propulsion system that allows the yacht to reach a top speed of 22 knots, and an economical speed of 7 knots under electric motor. The inspired main saloon layout includes huge doors to port and starboard that open onto fold-down balconies. Accommodation is provided for 10 guests, there is a beach club with a bar, and a jacuzzi on the foredeck. Launched in 2013 but never used, this yacht is brand new and ready for her first owner.

Columbus 4OS Hybrid specifications:
Length: 40m (131.2ft)
Built: 2013, Palumbo, Italy
Guests: Up to 10 in 5 cabins
Exterior design: Hydro Tec
Interior design: Hot Lab Yacht & Design
For sale EUROS 15,500,000


Looking through a variety of fashion spreads for late summer/fall 2014 every thing you see is all about Mod Style. For those of you who don’t know what this is, its a fashion that was very popular in the 60’s. Think heavy eye liner, pale lips, go-go boots, patten leather, mini skirts,kitten heels,geometric prints.  I could go on and on… One of the things I love most about the modern version is that it emanates fun and playfulness.  Ive included some fabulous examples for you to view. :)

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