These amazing, one of a kind scarves are designed by Roza Khamitova. Each scarf features enormous bird wings that are hand painted then digitally imprinted on non-toxic, recyclable fabric.   A lot of look for the price (what we saw was based around $48-$70), Fashion House loves these unique scarves and they are a standout piece for any wardrobe.  To get one of your very own visit Roza’s etsy shop, Shovova, at

bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-2 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-3 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-5 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-6 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-7 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-8 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-9 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-10 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-11 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-12 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-13 bird-scarves-wings-feather-fashion-design-shovava-14

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