We have a celebration that’s in order!  Our favorite Frenchie, Louis Pascal, was recently awarded Jet-Set Pet of the Month! :D  His mommy is our in ‘house’ food blogger Belinda M.  If you follow Louis on Instagram (@louispascal_thefrenchie) you already knows he’s one globe-trotting pooch.  However, recently they traveled from Dallas to Paris earning him the title Jet-Set Pet of the Month. Congratulations Louis & Belinda!

Here is the article as it is written:

Louis Pascal is one cultured canine. At the tender age of one and a half, this fabulous French Bulldog has already walked the opulent streets of the Garden District in New Orleans, heard the sultry sounds of jazz at Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, frolicked with the sunbathers of Baker in San Francisco, and braved the snow in Beaver Creek, Colorado. His most recent adventure? An unforgettable trip to France with his pet parent, Belinda McClendon, a trip that won this globetrotting Frenchie the title of Jet Set Pet of the Month!

Like any good jet setter, Louis Pascal loved seeing the sights of his breed’s namesake.

“We had a wonderful time in both the Loire Valley and Paris,” McClendon said. “I was thrilled most of the chateaux allowed me to take Louis inside with me! Louis seemed very happy in the countryside.”

According to McClendon, who lives in Dallas, Texas, Louis was a dream to travel with.

“Louis Pascal did very well on the plane, although I was worried about his comfort,” she said. “He just slept the whole way and held everything! On the way to Paris, I did take him to the bathroom and put a puppy pad on the floor. He just looked at me with his soulful eyes!”

Frenchies are the it breed but not everyone is able to travel with their pawpular pet in cabin because of the density of a Frenchie. While a Frenchie can often fit in a cabin-sized carrier and stand up and turn around as required, the weight of a Frenchie can tip the scales above the limit for many airlines.

“Louis weighs right at 20 pounds,” says McClendon, who used to have an English bulldog. “So he can’t gain any more weight!”

Luckily, getting through Charles de Gaulle airport [CDG] in Paris is a breeze with a four-legged friend.

“I was amazed at CDG,” McClendon said. “We walked right through!”

And like the savvy travelers that they are, McClendon and Louis zipped through customs on the way home by using the US Border Patrol’s Global Entry program, which allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States.  She declared him on her global entry ticket, which, although doing so required her to go to the second baggage check line, it was a very brief stop.

“Global Entry is great to have especially after a long flight!” McClendon said. “We are always glad we have it when we skip the huge customs line. The customs officer just looked at my paperwork from the vet. He scarcely glanced at Louis in his bag. I was thankful everything went smoothly!”

From the looks of it, Louis was, too. With such an easy landing, this pooch was able to enjoy his grand vacation with a stoic stance and tongue-out smile.

To keep up with this dapper Frenchie on all his adventures, be sure to follow him on Instagram @louispascal_thefrenchie.

*courtesy thejetsetpets.com

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