This mix has great vibes for a holiday weekend! Support Fitz and show some love over the airwaves!!  Fitz Lauder- Dance All Night Mix (Lights All Night Submission)

“Hi, I’m Fitz Lauder and I’ve made this mix for a couple of reasons. First, I’m hoping this Lights All Night Festival contest can be a platform to promote positive musical vibes. Second, you can use this music to bring out the best in whatever you do from working out, working on the job, private time with your other, studying, cooking, dancing, chores, driving, etc. I’m super pumped to rock the dance floor with the most melodic, positive feel-good vibes so that you can bust out your best stylish dance moves, get your grind on, smile, and/or bounce around like crazy. I’m not a instrument to “rage” but to a vibe rich of soul, funk, groove, meaningful lyrics, and melodies. Nothing speaks to your heart more than the aforementioned. Unlike what’s mainstream in the EDM world, here is my contest mix of my genuine style. I hope you enjoy it!”


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