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New York visual artist Trina Merry has created a unique display of astrological body art by painting astrology signs on human canvases. Over the course of one year this artist painted 60 people to perfect her interpretation of the astrology symbols.

Her hard work has paid off, as each and every human sculpture is perfectly reflective of each of the 12 astrology signs. The images of the astrological body art are created through the use of numerous human participants posing together to create one cohesive symbol.

All of the models were painted in the nude and decorated with vivid colors that brought each astrology sign to life. The human canvases were placed in front of a black backdrop to make the intricate poses and painted details grab a viewer’s full attention.

Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint00 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint01 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint02 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint03 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint04 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint05 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint06 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint07 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint08 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint09 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint10 Trina Merryzodiac_bodypaint11

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