Andrew Yee
Born: Hawaii
Current City: New York
Style: A sensory landscape in which both reality and fantasy intermingle. His work is attracted to photographic and scenic elements that evoke a piece of the past.
Clients: Arcadia Group, Atletico International, Aveda, Bloomingdales, Brighton Accessories, Columbia Records, D La Repubblica delle Donne, DV Mode, ELLE, ELLE Germany, ELLE Mexico, Flaunt, FT: How To Spend It, Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol, House of Dereon, Intermix, Jenni Kayne, Jen Kao, JWT, Le Bon Marche, Les Fraises Sauvages, L’Oreal, Lyn Devon, Marie Claire, Marie Claire Russia, Marie Claire Spain, Net-a-porter, Nylon, Proctor & Gamble, Psychologies, S Moda, Schick Intuition, VH1, Value Retail, Vogue UK, VSA Partners, Westfield Malls, Yellow Door Marketing.
Agency: Atelier Management

Advice for young photographers: Have an aesthetic. “Find a vision for you that can be applied multiple ways,” Yee says. “Because you’re going to get thrown into job situations, especially in the fashion industry, where you have one shot at it and if you mess that shot up, 95 percent of the time they’re never going to circle back to you.”


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