Marking its 25th anniversary issue, Marie Claire Brazil taps seven cover girls–Isabeli Fontana, Caroline Ribeiro, Shirley Mallmann, Luciana Curtis, Cintia Dicker, Fernanda Tavares and Ana Beatriz Barros for its April 2016 edition. The models have each made their mark on the industry in their own right and were photographed by photographer Nicole Heiniger. On the cover the stunning Brazilians models wear Gucci gowns spring 2016 styled by Larissa Lucchese. Inside the magazine they talk about modeling, career and feminism.

Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1-2-1-620x516 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1a-2-1-620x827 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1bn-2-1-620x414 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1g-2-1-620x827 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1kl-2-1-620x414 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1op-2-1-620x414 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1tt-2-1-620x827 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1u-2-1-620x424 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1up-2-1-620x827 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1y-2-1-620x826 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-1yu-2-1-620x827 Marie-Claire-Brazil-by-Nicole-Heiniger-19-2-1-620x827 tops


Model Grace Hartzel poses in the Mexico jungle of Los Pazos, for the April 2016 issue of Vogue US, rocking some of the most sultry and seriously stylish florals from the new season. The brunette beauty strikes a pose for Mikael Jansson in opulent looks from the spring collections from the likes of Marni, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci,Gucci, Oscar de la Renta among others selected by fashion editor Camilla Nickerson. Hair by Shay Ashual and make-up by Hannah Murray.

Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 grace-hartzel-spring-fashion-central-mexico-11-770x1072


African Vibration – Decked out in a wardrobe of stripes and ethnic prints, Renata Sozzi takes the road for Vogue Japan’s May issue photographed on location at Africa. Styled by the magazine’s fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia, the Brazilian beauty layers up in colorful looks for the stunning images of Erik Torstensson. With chunky accessories and an attractive headpiece, the model boldly stands out against the natural surrounding.

vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21-620x401 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21aa-620x413 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21c-620x401 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21ca-770x985 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21d-620x401 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21q-620x402 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21qe-620x401 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21t-620x401 vogue-japan-may-2016-africa-21v-620x793

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Love Magazine Spring/Summer 2016
Model: Bella Hadid
Photographer: Sam Taylor-Johnson
Fashion Editor: Anthony Unwin
Hair: Ryan Richman
Make-up: Lucy Halperin

bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-4 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-1 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-2 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-3 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-5 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-9 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-62 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-71 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-2016-81 bella-hadid-by-sam-taylor-johnson-for-love-magazine-spring-summer-20161


Vogue US April 2016
Model: Joan Smalls, Nikolas Coster-Waldau
Photographer: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman
Hair: Garren
Make-up: Mark Carrasquillo

Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016 Vogue USA - April 2016