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Top model Barbara Fialho returns as the face of Dynamite’s summer 2016 campaign. Photographed by David Roemer (Atelier Management) and styled by Joanne Blades, the Brazilian stunner brings a Latin flair to the new season with the images and official campaign video. In the campaign, Barbara sports a mix of floral prints, form-fitting denim pencil skirts and culotte pants. For the video, she sways and dances along with a band playing by her side. The film also features a dreamy song with Barbara on the mic called, ‘Precision’. / Hair by Noah Hatton, Makeup by Samuel Paul

Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign01 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign02 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign03 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign04 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign05 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign06 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign07 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign08 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign09 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign10 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign11 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign12 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign13 Dynamite-Summer-2016-Campaign14


12 trips you need to take in this lifetime.

From cobalt domes atop white-washed walls to ancient temples and sublime natural wonders: these 12 places aren’t just beautiful, they’re heart-achingly so. If opportunity allows, take the trip and see them in your lifetime.


Laguna Lachuá / Cobán, Guatemala.

If your idea of paradise includes a wood walkway that leads to a solitary beach guarded by an endless sky of heavenly blue, Laguna Lachua should make it to your ultimate travel list:

Photo credit: Andrea Tórtola.



Whether it’s Casablanca with its gorgeous beaches, Marrakesh as the ultimate sensory overload, or perhaps the ever-fascinating Fez, the magnificent Morocco is definitely deserving of a top spot on your travel list:

Photo credit: Gilad Benari.


Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

A fairy-tale of a place whose beauty calls for thousand photographs (none of which will do it justice), Lake Tekapo with its Church of the Good Shepherd and star-lit skies is just one of New Zealand’s hidden gems:

Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff.


Havana, Cuba.

A city brimming with life, crazy colourful, both in your-face transparent and enigmatically beautiful, Havana calls for one to get lost on its sunny, palm-guarded streets:

Photo credit: Jose Villa.


Machu Picchu, Peru.

Among the wonders of the world that make you feel both small and infinite at the same time, the Incan citadel of Matchu Pitchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest:

Photo credit: Kasper Kay.


Petra, Jordan.

Like postcards from another world, the rock cut structures of Petra will swap you back in time, the “Lost city’s” extraordinary beauty still guarding many secrets:

Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis.


French Riviera.

Opulent, luxurious but oh-so beautiful with its azure skies and turquoise waters, with its old buildings and charming coastal villages, the French Riviera is more than a famously glamorous destination:

Photo credit: Sunday Chapter.



Iceland, The Northern Lights.

A spectacle that you must attend at least once in this lifetime, the show put on by the Northern lights is of otherworldly proportions, Ireland being one of the top places where to allow you to hunt the elusive phenomenon:

Photo credit: Friðþjófur M.



Bali, Indonesia.

A blend of spectacular views and natural wonders, of beautifully structured temples and endless rice fields, Bali is a spectacle best viewed past the wall of tourists, for it will sweep you off your feet:

Photo credit: Aaron Geddes.


Udaipur, India.

Made of glorious history, grandiose palaces and breathtaking surroundings, India’s Udaipur is a stunning location bearing a rich cultural background and promising a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

Photo credit: Iian Sells.



Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Jungles claiming back their land, awe-inspiring structure whose grand scales and extraordinary details is bound to leave your breathless, Cambodia’s most iconic temple is 162.6 hectares worth of magnificence:

Photo credit: Imgur.


Santorini, Greece.

And of course, no travel destination bucket list could be complete without a nod to the Greek Islands, Santorini’s sublime beauty being the kind that will hit your from all sides, every angle making for a breathtaking view:

Photo credit: Lust for Life.


Beauty editorials are always a good excuse for model transformations, and Vogue China May 2016 continues with the tradition in “Treat me with flowers”. The 6 page layout stars Estelle Chen, Chen Liu, Kouka Webb, Vita Kan in everything from flower petals to wet hair. With hair by Perrine Rougemont, makeup by Wendy Rowe and photography by Cuneyt Akeroglu, there is no shortage of transformations here

Vogue_Vogue-china-by-Cuneyt-Akeroglu-01-770x1023 Vogue-china-by-Cuneyt-Akeroglu-01y-620x826 Vogue-china-by-Cuneyt-Akeroglu-015-595x840 Vogue-china-by-Cuneyt-Akeroglu-015a-620x826 Vogue-china-by-Cuneyt-Akeroglu-019-620x826 Vogue-china-by-Cuneyt-Akeroglu-0188-620x413


Vogue Australia May 2016
Model: Emilia Clarke
Photographer: Emma Summerton
Fashion Editor: Christine Centenera
Hair: Teddy Charles
Make-up: Lottie
Nails: Jenna Hipp

Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016 Vogue Australia - May 2016


Vogue Italia April 2016
Model: Gigi Hadid, Liya Kebede, Imaan Hammam, Nirvana Naves, Yana Bovenistier, Mical Bockru
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Fashion Editor: Elin Svahn
Hair: Jimmy Paul
Make-up: Gucci Westman

patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-1 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-3 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-4 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-5 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-6 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-7 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-8 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-9 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-10 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-11 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-12 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-13 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-14 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-15 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-16 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-17 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-18 patrick-demarchelier-for-vogue-italia-april-2016-19


The singer, actress, American Idol judge, mother of two, the unstoppable Jennifer Lopez takes the cover of W Magazine May 2016. The always stunning Lopez poses for photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadinrocking looks from the likes of Chanel, Fendi, Rochas among others selected by fashion editor Edward Enninful. Inside the magazine on her interview she talks fame, relationship, confess she has trouble saying no, and the Kardashians -“I think I paved the way for the Kardashians. Just another innovation that I’ve given to the world!”.  Make-up by Yadim and hair by Shay Ashual.

jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.aa_-589x840 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.ab_-620x806 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.aba_-620x806 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.abb_-620x806 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.af_-620x806 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.al_-620x806 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016.auu_-620x806 jennifer-lopez-w-magazine-may-2016-770x1000