This movie is creepy, ingenious, and keeps you fixed on the screen from beginning to end.  With a plot that has about as many twists and turns as a labyrinth, it had me guessing the whole time of what was going to happen next, most of which was never right.  Ben Affleck shines in his character as well as his co-star Rosumund Pike.  The plot unfolds seamlessly as you find out the full nature of this film.  At the end, the theater I believe was left in shock as everyone was totally quite and stayed very still for a few moments afterward, processing what we had all just witnessed, exiting the theater with our skin crawling.  In addition to being an incredibly good story line, there is quite a bit of steaminess in the film as well. At one point I could’ve swore I saw Ben’s unmentionable… Ugh Hum.. ;) And his wife’s (Jennifer Garner) reaction to all the nudity and steam on the screen??- “You’re Welcome”! Haha.. I guess that’s the secret to any good marriage.  To conclude, I would definitely recommend this film. This psychological mystery/thriller is in perfect timing before Halloween and truly one of the best films I’ve seen lately.