So often its easy to get caught up in day to day tasks. Taking care of responsibilities, pursuing goals, experiencing life…  Before you know it a week becomes a month and then its been a year or more, precious time drifting by, life changing before your eyes.  I did some research on people that have had the “experience” of life flashing before their eyes. You know, ‘near death’.  One thing that was similar in every story was the fact that in the end, the only thing that mattered, was the relationships in their life.  Not the money, cars, or success, but the experiences they had with the ones they love.  Which leads to a conclusion that we all must realize.  We need to slow down and appreciate the things that matter most, your loved ones.   I propose you spend time with them regularly.  If you already do this then my compliments… You’ve figured out one of the secrets to happiness. However, if you find yourself estranged from the ones you love realize this; No matter what reasons or difficulties you have for not being there or making it a priority, put it to rest.  Start from scratch. It isn’t an easy thing to do and quite possibly could take some time. Try and try again.  Don’t give up, make the calls, schedule the time, even if nothing happens at first, keep trying. Your constancy will plant the seed, your repetition will make it grow,  and by your love it will flourish.

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