Have you ever been so hot that you couldn’t wait to get into the air conditioning because you knew you wouldn’t last another minute in the heat.  Imagine feeling like that and not having something to drink on top of it.  Being so hot and thirsty with no end in site, that all you want to do is just go to sleep, because your dreams are better than reality. You wake up and life goes on around you, the city waters their beautiful lush parks, but what about making free watering stations available throughout the city to those in need. Scarce and hard to find, if any.

Lets move to winter… Its freezing cold.  Last night you were lucky enough to sleep in a shelter, but a new day has arrived and its time to go.  You get on the streets, hoping for someone to give you some change or a hot cup of coffee.. Then your left to the bitter cold, enduring hours upon end, to the point that your face, hands, and feet are numb. Doing all you can to get enough money to survive through the day and make it to the shelter for one more night… Hoping for a miracle to happen in your life to end the vicious cycle…

I called this post the basics because when it comes down to it, water, food, and warmth is what helps us get by on a very basic level.  For this reason, in the summer I encourage you to always carry water and extra snacks in with you to give to someone in need if it presents itself.  In the winter collect old blankets from your friends/family or garage sales to give out to homeless people when you see them.  Ive been doing these things for a few years now and it really is a small way to make a difference in a persons life.  I know this isn’t for everyone so if you’re not able to give in this way, i would encourage you to carry cash on you for giving when the opportunity arises.  Being prepared is key to making an impact on a regular basis.  Its the little things that count. ;)

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