The simplest way to define ecological footprint would be to say it is the amount of the environment necessary to produce the goods and services necessary to support a particular lifestyle.  In order to measure the footprint of a specific area, a type of calculator has been developed for this specialized task.  This calculation can show the impact of humans on specific areas of the planet, and the results can motivate those in charge to seek new and different ways to conserve and protect the world’s natural resources.  Early indications on information gathered reveal that human society is going to have to alter the way it consumes natural resources if current and future human population levels are to be maintained.  Knowing and understanding the idea of our Ecological Footprint is important for every person living on earth, considering natural resources are being depleted at a disturbing rate. This makes us aware that changes must be made to accommodate our needs along with the needs of the planet.

It’s an accepted fact that recycling significantly reduces an individual’s footprint by decreasing the demand for products made from natural resources, and decreases the need for the earth to absorb waste. When plastics are recycled their impact on landfills in lowered. Recycling paper decreases the need for trees to be harvested from the forest. Many different forms of successful recycling greatly lowers the footprint of humanity on the earth.

There are many ways you can lower eco footprint. For ideas visit

To calculate your households ecological footprint go to

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